Women’s ensembles with leather elements

If not counting leather accessories: shoes, jackets, bags and belts, many women do not dare to wear clothes made of leather. Often you can hear that the skin looks too tight and masculine, that in it a woman seems cold and unapproachable. Although this material is durable and beautiful, ladies want to look soft and elegant, and with the skin this can be difficult. But still there are ways to create a truly feminine outfit, combining the skin with at least one “girly” element.

Leather and lace

The skin is masculine, but lace is the embodiment of femininity. And if you combine these two materials, you get an ideal ensemble for strong women. Lace softens the sharpness and roughness of the skin. Try to put on a fitted leather blazer or light jacket cute lace top. If you prefer a leather skirt, choose an elegant trapezoidal cut or a straight pencil skirt along with a lace blouse. The contrasting collar of the blouse will add a twist. And if you are not afraid of bold combinations, you can even try to wear a tight-fitting leather top with a medium-length lace skirt.

Leather and velvet

The softness and fluidity of velvet is amazingly contrasted with the skin. Since the leather clothes often look stiff and slightly glossy, shading it with such a beautiful luxurious fabric as velvet, you will radiate warmth and radiance. Try to combine tight or straight leather trousers with a velvet tunic or a leather dress-case with a velvet blazer. Shoes, covered with velvet or even smooth suede, will also look great with any leather clothes.

Leather and sequins

For a bright spectacular ensemble, you can combine a shiny or sparkling metal fabric with the skin, because these materials are so dissimilar. This is another vivid example of combining the skin with an exclusively feminine element. Put on a shiny dark golden sweater with a leather skirt or a vest with sequins along with leather trousers in a tight-fitting. This is quite a daring ensemble, which you can wear to go to a nightclub or even a party. For greater contrast, combine black skin with shiny fabrics of gray-green, beige, gold, silver or gray.

Tips & Warnings

Of course, velvet and lace are not the only feminine fabrics. Try putting on a skin with a transparent chiffon or a smooth satin. The main thing is to combine leather clothes with unclean to soften the stiffness of this masculine material.

But that should be avoided – a combination of skin with the skin, which is too rare to look elegant, but too often – vulgar. Unmistakable advice: to confine one leather element, supplementing it with other fabrics and materials. That is, if you wear leather pants, choose shoes not leather, but suede. And with a leather blazer it’s better to take a cloth or metal bag.

If you do not mind putting your skin into your wardrobe, but not ready for drastic changes, you will be pleased to know that many designers are increasingly combining leather and other materials even in one piece of clothing. This is a good opportunity to start. Look for a fabric blazer with leather sleeves or a tweed skirt with a leather belt.

Whatever your preferences, perhaps, femininity and skin – this is the combination that you have been looking for. The skin can be fashionable and sexy, so be sure to give it a chance. You will not regret!