When did a man wear clothes?

An unequivocal answer to the question “When did people wear clothes?” Does not exist. The first clothes that the ancient man threw himself to protect himself from the cold or from religious considerations, was the skin of a dead beast. Archaeologists find tools for the processing of animal skins at the sites of ancient people, the age of which is about 100,000 years. With the help of these tools it was possible to cut, pierce and perform other complex operations, which indicates the presence of quite complex clothing already in those distant times.

Probably, to wear the most simple clothes, which does not require numerous operations for its manufacture, the ancestor of man began about 200,000 years ago. What exactly was the appearance of clothing – is for certain unknown. Perhaps the hominids felt discomfort due to the final loss of dense vegetation on the body, or the need for clothing was caused by some new religious practices. But the fact that clothes appeared simultaneously in many isolated tribes makes the version about the cooling of the climate the most probable.

The original method of testing, when the ancestors of man began to wear clothes, suggested scientists from the University of Florida. They noticed that the clothes louse had adapted well for living in linen and clothes. Most likely, the louse appeared as a kind, separated from the head louse at the time when the person began to use the simplest clothes. DNA sequencing of the louse’s DNA showed that this event was to occur about 170,000 years ago. Based on all of the above, we can conclude that the first clothing appeared at the turn of 200 000 – 170 000 years ago.

It is interesting that the data obtained coincide with the opinion of archaeologists that the man began to migrate gradually from the African continent to the north about 100,000 years ago. It should be understood that at that time the rate of migration was extremely slow, and a period of 100,000 to 70,000 years is quite suitable for clothing to be established in culture and people were able to move to other climatic zones.

Think about the appearance of his clothing man about 25,000 years ago, together with the development of weaving craft. This is indicated by findings of scraps of cloth with decorative elements dating from that period, as well as ancient figurines depicting people dressed in multi-layered complex clothing.