Types of air conditioners

In the market research of air conditioners, we can observe a wide variety of types of air conditioners.

The most recognizable and popular type is the wall-mounted air conditioner. As its name implies, the indoor unit is installed on one of the walls of the room, solving the problem of lack of available indoor space, with the lowest possible installation cost.
Wall mounted air conditioners are able to meet the needs of a large scale in terms of dimensions and rooms. Because of their height, they have the ability to better air the space in relation to models that are placed on the floor. This is due to the fact that hot air is lighter than the cold and hence is encountered at higher heights inside the space. Hence the cold air if extracted from the low is more difficult to reach the higher layers of space so as to cool the hot air.

Multi-conditioning systems are similar to wall-mounted air conditioners. In fact, their difference lies in the possibility of connecting more than one indoor unit to an external one. With such an option we can reduce the cost of buying air conditioners for different rooms and save space on our balcony or garden. However, we should be careful that the outdoor unit is power-efficient enough to meet the needs of the connected indoor units for their simultaneous operation.
In addition, the outdoor unit should be positioned so that the length of the piping connecting to the indoor units does not exceed the length specified by the manufacturer.