The trend in the summer season – pastel shades, without which it is hard to imagine the hot summer

These are quite shades of marshmallow and parsley: tender blue, banana, pink in bleach, pistachio. As soft shades of this season are beige, Pantone is designated as “hazelnut” and light pink – “pale cornel”. Combining these shades is recommended both with contrasting black and warm white.

Shades of orange come into fashion. This is a very bold and clear color, which not all will be solved. For the most bold designers, clothes and accessories are offered in the shadow of “flame” and a more calm color on Mandarin.

Marsala returns. This beautiful color is called in different ways: the color of ripe wine, burgundy roses, blood drops. The shadow is really striking, it gives the nobles a look and becomes. Fall Winter 2017-2018 – when he returns after a short break, the shade in this wine-mods rests a bit.
Fashionable will turn yellow. The actual yellow is the color of foam, the golden, the color of the eggshell. Sunny and open it will only gain popularity.