The complexity of the installation compared Laminate

Laminate is very easy to install: i thought the little lock. Parquet board is also easy to install, but requires pre-prepared, the most uneven surface.
Application: operating conditions

Laminate is suitable for many buildings, starting with the children’s room, bedroom and office ends. Everything depends on the class and wear additional functions provided by the manufacturer.

Important: Laminate does not fit in the bathroom, shower, sauna, as well as for areas with high humidity is not suitable.

production of a laminate that is standardized, that is, the application is divided into classes (on the level of stability). The class is generally referred to as a two-digit: the first digit – type of premises in which the material is used, the second – the permissible intensity of use. For example, the Class 21 and 22 for a place in the living room with low and moderate loads. In most cases, such a laminate is placed on the adhesive and fully serve 2-4 years (minimum). Such initial laminate grades are suitable for bedrooms.