The choice of a mattress: the advantages and disadvantages of different mattresses

Mattress – bed base, without good mattress bed loses its importance.

Therefore, it is advisable to come to the princess on the pea, picking and choosing a bed. What is the secret of strong healthy sleep? What are the criteria according to which we can understand. How good is this or that mattress.

Probably all the same criteria of scientific generalizations can not be called when the need of choice to rely on your taste and comfort.

Many are asked to lie on the chosen model, buy a mattress, only, and listen to the body to evaluate its characteristics. You will lie on a comfortable mattress and you will immediately fall into a deep sleep? Then this is your mattress.

Only mattress should be of sufficient size – to sleep, it was comfortable.

Places should be enough and long and wide: The foot should not hang from the edge of the mattress and the body does not slip in the middle.

It is important that all the most difficult points of the body: shoulders, hips, back – the spring has been pressed so that you do not have to bend during sleep, and all parts of the body lie on the mattress surface.
A too hard mattress like a lover ascetic.
In the classic spring mattress pad forms the spring unit, which is inside.
The double mattress should be at least 300 springs. The large spring mattress, at least 375 and in very large mattress – 450 springs.
Important, if the wire thickness: the thicker it is, the more reliable. It has the same meaning and the number of turns in the springs, and the technology on which it is made.

Feathers can be dependent, intertwined with each other, independently – each of them is placed in a separate glass fabric. Independent sources are good because they provide individual access to every part of the body. This mattress is ideal for a double bed, especially when the spouses have different weights.

Mattresses without a spring unit are monoblock artificial or natural latex, rolled up and placed in a vacuum pack.

Sometimes used as filler coconut fibers. This category also includes liquid, usually water or air filled mattresses. They are an ideal body shape. Such mattresses have a drawback: when dotted, they will come in a bad condition.

Such popular in the last century feather beds is not used due to their high allergenicity and fragility.