teacher of drawing at home, individual lessons in drawing

And most importantly, that there is not some sort of template definition for everyone that a person is waiting for. At all, as a rule, individual preferences in this. Often those who want to take private lessons in painting answer me that they would like to learn how to draw, depict nature, someone paint watercolors with flowers, or a portrait.
But that is typical for all. Everybody expects pleasure from the lessons. Free creativity and flight. I can give it. But if you would like to achieve mastery in a realistic transfer of reality, you want to transfer the volume without difficulty. perspective, be able to create a mood in the picture, transfer the image. In general for a year to learn skill – you must understand, this is work. This is work. But this work is justified.

The most important thing in the learning process is the realization that you will not immediately draw like.

Often a student having a great desire, tosses everything in half the way. To receive the subsequent stimulus, it is necessary to see the results of your work. And when the pupil draws, draws, but sees that he does not get what he intended to portray – an emotional pit sets in. And he throws drawing.
He is disappointed. He says – I understand, it’s not mine! Therefore, the most important thing in the process of studying is the realization that you will not immediately draw as Vrubel. It is necessary to be patient. While doing the exercises, you should understand that knowledge is now entering your head. What is now gives the foundation on which you can build any building.

However, this form of training is not suitable for everyone. A lot of those who are very busy, who have a lot of things to do, business or work. And drawing for such a person is just a rest. He wants to create and enjoy without any overcoming or convention.
You need to choose which category you are from. What is a home drawing teacher for you, one who will create a creative informal atmosphere in your home, or is it a person who organizes the work process, will be able to make you a master of painting through work and perseverance.

Individual drawing lessons they are called – individual, and everyone is looking for in them the realization of their need for creativity.