Spare parts for cars: Home fan, Heating fan

Nowadays, within a car we find many first-sighted, small-looking technology devices, but which are indispensable to ensure passenger and driver comfort. The cockpit fan is one of these and can be found in several positions behind the dashboard. Thanks to it, fresh air can be distributed quickly to the center, sides and feet of the car. Its utility is undeniable especially during the operation of air conditioning or heating. In its absence, air conditioning in the passenger compartment would be difficult to reach.

Optimal comfort can only be obtained when the fan is equipped with an intact air filter. Otherwise, a car ride with closed windows could become a real torture. Another problem might be the too small dimensions of the fan in contrast to those of the passenger compartment. To ensure the right air conditioning, the fan should have a power of at least 150 watts, which can rise up to 450 watts in case of a very spacious interior. Before replacing the fan, it is important to consider its dimensions in comparison to those of the passenger compartment. A more powerful fan than the previous one can only be used if there is enough room and there is no need to change the dashboard layout. Its usability depends largely on the rotor blade, which, if blocked by foreign particles, can no longer achieve its maximum rotation speed.

In most cases, just clean its inside. Doing so will also get rid of annoying crunches. The fan motor can not be replaced because the entire device is usually marketed as a set. Also, disassemble the engine of an old device and then install it into a new one might be more expensive than the whole set. If you are looking for quality spare parts at a favorable price, visit our online store.