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In the first years of its existence, the bumper holder also had another function.

Thus, the lower shots consequences remain marginal. However, even this construction can exclude the possibility of sustaining serious injuries. Fortunately, however, the injuries suffered by people living in residential areas, where cars are driven slowed down. With all gunfire becoming stronger, the injury suffered remains relatively small.
Therefore, the need to have to replace the part becomes less frequent and the maintenance costs are reduced. Since a few decades ago, the signs of the strikes were visible, the impact forces are so well absorbed that they leave no trace. Therefore, the need to protect the affected area through an auction is gone.

During this time, although the number of crashes was lower, the defective car could only stop working altogether on the road. There was therefore no need for an attachment point for the towing cable, and this point was just the bumper holder. Trailer companies were few at that time. If you look for quality parts, visit our online store, where you will find everything you need: slave cylinder, steering wheel, coupling rod, etc.