Medium length skirts boldly wear blouses and shirts

Skirts in a duet with knitted and crocheted socks and golfs – elegant solution, but to venture such a combination can not every fashionista. If you like such a laid-back blend of youth and, picking up here top of a thin cloth and bolero.

individual attention, dress, complemented by lush layered skirts. This decision – a great option for a date or party. In this case, the image created is not desirable to overload, so all accessories should be simple. For example, it is possible to look at the thin strap sandals, short chain pendant and couplings.

In this case, not only look beautiful classic options. Look decorated with ruffles, lace or frills blouses, include a set of fitted jacket and heels. Updo successfully complete the elegant look.

With lush skirts best to wear sandals, and well-fitting on top of the figure: corset, or, for example, tight T-shirt. skirts may be either laminated or levels. A simple one color shirt, full skirt and ballet flats – an elegant combination for true fashionistas. Hair can be decorated with artificial flowers or ribbons. You can use studded with hairpins to make the image look fabulous rhinestone and demand.

With lush skirts can also create and assemblies rude. To these must be combined with long skirts and jackets elongated high lace shoes or leather jackets with a metallic finish.