It is necessary sectional doors

It is necessary to pay particular attention to the fact that the sectional door itself will tolerate minor imbalance. So we have exactly the rack and sections in airplanes, especially vertically, safely and without exception all parts and assemblies. Of particular importance to the carrier elements. No wooden sticks or foam. Only the metal lining, which must be procured in advance, additionally prepare them to have different thickness.

Once the load-bearing parts are installed and secured, you can install the panels that are laid down below. Section, whereupon the exposed upper plate, which must adhere to the flat strips. Use the upper brackets.

You can then install the control mechanism, locks, handles and other accessories. Now the compensating spring set, the ropes is adjusted. By the way, this should always be in tension. An electric motor and limit switch gate blade remains to be produced. If the entire construction is ready and connected to the power grid, you need to check it for the action. Do this several times open and close the garage door.