How to organize a place to store toys, books and other things

Every child should have a place to store your desired car, books, toys, clothes. For same-sex children, it will be ideal to store your clothes in two separate cabinets. This is much more convenient than having a big cabinet in the room, eliminating dirt and quarreling about guiding her.

In the case of adults, such as the fact that inside was several cabinets and shelves, in the case of the state registration of children’s interior is better to look. For a child will be more comfortable if the furniture and other places will be less storage space and toys. Being in his room, the child must feel the freedom for creative impulses. Therefore, to mess up the room is not worth it.

Important! How parents can arrange a nursery project depends on how long children will be used to serve themselves independently: clean toys, books, things.

Beds with a podium that has set drawers can also be excellent storage places and significantly save room in the room. Girls like a doll house or miniature toilet, where they can keep their pillows, springs and other decorations.

In adolescence, the volume of textbooks increases only every year. And yet, they like to collect collecting, storing various souvenirs, talismans and other expensive items for them. And to keep all these things can be in a variety of boxes, boxes or shelves racks and cabinets.