How to choose a warm jacket

No cold will make you stay at home if you have a warm and comfortable jacket. An old English proverb says, “There is not bad weather, just inappropriate clothes.” And since our climate is not tropical, choosing a warm jacket should be tackled with all responsibility.

When I buy a new warm jacket for me or my family, I think it will not serve any season and heat even in the worst frosts. To make sure your purchase is not disappointing, you need to understand the materials it is made of, the requirements to be presented in the winter clothing of the city’s inhabitants, and those moments that you need to pay attention to when buying.

The quality of any product is determined by the properties of the materials from which it is manufactured and by its execution. Let’s start with the materials.

Any winter jacket consists of three types of materials that solve different problems and therefore have different properties. The outer material from which the upper part of the garment is made determines its appearance and protection from external influences.

The next component of the jacket is the filling, whose task is to insulate the window.

The third material is the lining that comes in contact with the clothes and provides an additional layer of protection against the cold.
External materials