How to choose a sundress warm? Tips bronze Roma

Tired of all winter walking as a bun? Then fill your wardrobe with stylish and feminine dress that fit under any clothing – and blouse and golf, and a jacket. Especially spring soon and would like to supplement their way unusual colors! And choose a sundress type of your body will help Roma Copper stylist.
Dress for figure “pear”

Hot Rochiesli If you own this type of shaped like a pear, you must use a sundress to divert attention from wide hips, but highlight a thin waist and beautiful breasts. With this model it is best to consult a sundress with a plunging neckline and waist slightly swollen emphasize belt. sundress skirt may be straight or “pencil”.

Under a “pear” sundress it is better not to wear a dark collar that would make even narrower shoulders. But the shirt will look good drive “shirt-front and a bow tie or bow tie. The best option for the type of shape” pear “- blouse or shirt, which is easier than Sundress. You can also select a puffy-sleeved dress, it will grow narrow shoulders.
Dress for figure “apple”

“Bullseye” perfect mini tunics with high waist. They hide waistline bleak, but stressed his chest and legs, a girl with such a figure, usually can be proud of.

Hot dress with a high waist

Cropping can be substantially circular, in the shape of V. Also, the appropriate model and sundress with a smell. Stylist not recommend choosing bright turtlenecks and blouses “in obtyag” – if your hands are swollen, they are sure it is highlighted. But it would look good with spacious sleeved shirt – hide fullness shoulders.

Dress for figure “inverted triangle”

Dress “inverted triangle” – a cut close fitting oblong with wide straps that are visually narrow shoulders. Or you can also select, V-neck. It can be pleated or flared skirt. If the shoulder – not very big, and leg match. Well, if the balances will be some detail – decorative pockets, for example. Also, such a figure fit maxi sundress! From his model short, it is better to abstain.

warm clothes

Girls with figure “inverted triangle” at the top, should not wear bright blouses and shirts with sleeves lanterns that extend visual shoulders. But they look great dress with a blouse or jacket collar cut dark.
Dress for figure “rectangle”

inflated waist, skirt – a perfect way to hide the proportions of boys. Backless model good looks and a way to “cut” top – creates the illusion of grandeur rounded figures. As a rule, devushki- “rectangles” can boast of harmony and long legs, so their courage demonstrates using short dress.

dress with lush skirt

Top is important not to overload the details! You can dress like a conventional shirt sleeves and collar.