Gates with automatic control can be equipped with an electric drive

With emergency hand lifting system. In the event of a power failure, the door can be opened with a manual door drive.

A wide range of color solutions – 16 colors – allows you to create different combinations of gates with the facade of the building. A special program of color adjustment will help to see the combination of roller shutters with different facades in a wide range of colors.

Group provides a wide range of profiles and accessories for roller shutters and garage doors Shutters – Rolled extruded profiles, end profiles, guide rails, protective boxes, side panels, octagonal shafts, movable slide console.

To ensure safe operation, roller shutters can be equipped with a “sensitive edge” system. When the lower edge of the roller shutter comes into contact with an obstacle (person, car or other obstacle), the system stops the movement of the roller shutter and then returns it.

Its own production makes it possible to control the quality of the products at all stages of the life cycle – from design to delivery of finished products to customers.