For this reason, the hydraulic filters must be cleaned or replaced in good time

Since the introduction of the hydraulic brake system, which uses a piston cylinder, thanks to which the light generated by the brake force is increased via the hydraulic fluid. The first cylinder driven by the pedal is called tambour. It transmits the force that is produced by the foot and is reinforced forward by the brake booster. As modern automobile requires two circuits brakes, the main cylinder takes care of both. Therefore one can speak of a master cylinder working in tandem. In the event of a failure of the first circuit, the second circuit is directly supplied.

This makes it possible to avoid any kind of delays and ensure complete safety during braking. The structure “in tandem” provides that the main cylinder of the brake is composed of two equal spaces within which the pump piston and the fluid presses to transmit them over in the hydraulic line. The increase in the braking force does not occur (yet). It is reached when the liquid passes, and under the pressure of the neo-cylinder. In case, if there is no other cylinder, the main cylinder also plays the role of the pump frizione.Lo pressure piston is driven by the piston rod, which is pushed by the holder. The piston is provided with a refill port and two collars, which function has the function of garnishing, in which it moves the piston itself. The first collar has the function of creating the necessary pressure while the second acts exclusively as a seal. Through the door you can remove the brake fluid from the tank. Within the main cylinder, it is necessary that it be a pressure between 0.5 and 1.7 bar, which is ensured by a valve located in its lower part.

Here, there are several vulnerable areas, easy to grip when the brake fluid is dirty. For this reason, the hydraulic filters must be cleaned or replaced in good time. The contamination can be detected with a simple view of the transparent container. In the worst cases, the oil becomes a dark color. If you are looking for pieces of parts quality visit our online store, where you will find everything you need: fans, radiator grille, steering gear, camshaft, etc ..