Editor’s tip: T-shirts with print

T-shirt – definitely the kind of things that is critical in the summer wardrobe is needed. Light, free and comfortable to the body as a model summer panacea daily strenuous choice of clothes in hot everyday life and the annoying “what to wear?”. Sleeve T-shirts will protect from the burning sun and burns burns, natural fabrics and loose will provide the necessary heat regulation and a variety of prints will enhance the character and style.

Today we have created a selection of contemporary white T-shirts with funny drawings in various styles. Presenting different options for any occasion!

Black and white portrait
Monochrome gamma allows it to be well “fit” in a discreet manner, with the proviso that the picture is not taken. It is this t-shirt can be perfectly combined with a classic blazer or jacket to complement its active necklace.

Monochrome painting

A little naive drawings, but thanks to his black and white, they do not look childish and can qualify for a worthy participation in the stylish and respectable image of a young and successful woman.