Choosing a computer chair

By choosing the computer chair must be taken very seriously. Since it is a lot of time to spend. Unfavorable stool can have a negative impact on health. By how many hours you spend the computer around, choose the type of computer chair dependent. If you spend on the computer do not spend more than 1-2 hours, for example, at home check your email, just walking over the Internet, playing computer games, you will be a simple chair with a minimum number of customization features.

Through the computer of 3 to 5 hours, you probably use a chair for longer than for entertainment. With such a great strain on the body, you should choose a chair with a maximum adjustment of the tilt and height of the back, the height of the armrests, seating. It is necessary to choose a chair with a hygroscopic (moisture permeable) cushion.

If a PC – it is your life and you save for it for at least 5 hours a day in this case, not saving a chairman otherwise it can lead to health problems. You need to choose a computer chair that changes the position of the back depending on how you sit, ie, it has a so-called synchronous mechanism. Return – Most of the chairs are equipped with backrest with anti.

If you need maximum comfort when working on the computer, you should choose a chair with the maximum. Chairs are available in which the weight of the manual and automatic settings. In this chair you can adjust everything. The backrest of the chair is folded at different angles and in several places. The upholstery of the chairs are made of a special barrier sweat, material. On some models under the upholstery set massage or filler Hi-Tech.