Cars are overwhelmingly equipped with plastic bumpers

Why repair a bumper, if it does not interfere with driving? If you decide to sell the car, the untidy look of the bumper will lower the price. Give advice on how to repair the car bumper.

This is done to facilitate weight and to quickly replace the damaged bumper with a new one. Some damaged plastic bumpers can be repaired. The latest developments of special materials allow repairing even small chips in the bumper.

Minor scratches, dents, holes can be fixed by yourself, having previously bought a special set for repairing the bumper. More serious damage is best done qualitatively in the auto service. Bumpers with numerous cracks, large holes and highly distorted shape should be replaced with a new one.
How to fix scratches on the bumper

Sand the scratches on the bumper with coarse sandpaper. But do not overdo it. If you grind it hard, a small indentation can form in the processing area. Rinse carefully until the surface becomes smooth.
The sanded area needs to be sprinkled with the primer for the plastic. Apply 2 thin layers. Give each layer 30 minutes to dry.

Sand the painted area with fine-grained sandpaper. Then wipe with a damp cloth to remove the dust.
Next, 3-4 thin layers of car paint of the appropriate color should be applied. Each layer should dry for at least 30 minutes. A balloon with paint should be kept at a distance of 15-20 cm from the surface.
Finally, apply 2 coats of lacquer. Allow the paint to dry 24 hours.

Eliminate scratches on the car bumper
How to repair chips, dents and cracks on the bumper

Remove the bumper if it is impossible to repair it in place.
Clean the damaged surface with a special plastic care product.
Rub the damaged area with a sandpaper. It is necessary to completely remove the old paint in the place of damage.
Stick the fiberglass tape on the front surface of the bumper. Stir the putty and thickener. Apply the resulting mass to the tape.
Next, the surface is cleaned and sanded. On this place is applied liquid plastic.
After the plastic has solidified, it is necessary to polish the surface.
The final stage is the painting of the car’s bumper.