Care for dry skin

Care for dry skin in youth is minimal. Fresh appearance, lack of fatty shine, almost invisible pores do not cause the desire to once again “spoil” your face with cosmetic means. But, despite the healthy appearance of the skin on the face, it is advisable to use moisturizing care products. Equally, like the dry skin that has appeared in adulthood, in the youth the face needs additional moistening. This will help to avoid the early appearance of wrinkles, and in addition to protect against flaking and redness, get rid of the sensations of tightness.

The reason that the skin becomes dry is due to insufficient production of sebum, i.e. A sufficient layer of a protective film that retains moisture is not formed. But this does not mean that it is necessary to use a very fat cream. Daytime, as well as a night cream, should moisturize the skin well enough. Naturally, drugs containing alcohol, soap, which only further dry the skin, are contraindicated.

Choose for yourself a series of facial skin care is better in those times of the year when the air is not so dry, for example, in the fall. Be sure to ask for a probe – dry skin is very sensitive, so you should make sure that there is no allergic reaction. However, this check is recommended to arrange the owners of all skin types. The main requirement when choosing a facial skin care product is a sunscreen property. It is the sun’s rays that have the greatest influence on the rate of skin aging, so this protection is important both in summer and in winter.

The morning procedure for the care of dry facial skin includes washing with warm water or cleansing with a cotton swab dipped in a tonic.

In the evening before applying the night cream, you need to prepare a face, removing cosmetics with a tonic. Night cream differs from daytime only by the absence of light filters. Instead of scrub to care for dry skin, it is preferable to use gommage – a means that causes exfoliation of the stratum corneum not chemically, but chemically.