Automatic against manual gearbox

Replacing the clutch with a device that makes an automatic transmission includes the clutch pedal disengagement. This change, which may also be convenient, is likely to be rather dangerous for those who choose to switch from one type to another: in fact, the left leg accustomed to the clutch can automatically go to crush the brake, which Sudden braking of the vehicle,

The best known issue of automatic transmission cars is actually consumption, which can be significant. The five-speed automatic transmission tends to have a worse performance, especially in terms of acceleration, which is much better than a manual gearbox.

That’s why we tend to say that a car with a manual gearbox is usually more powerful and is suitable for sporty driving, while the automation is more comfortable and easy to drive.
Automatic connectors

Although the automatic transmission with torque converter is the type of automatic transmission even wider, other systems have been developed. Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche, for example, have developed a twin-clutch box in fact is like having two transmissions, one in operation and one replacing it. In this way, the engine is always connected to the transmission and the gear lever occurs at only 3 or 4 hundredths of a second.
It is also worth mentioning a novelty recently introduced by Bosch: a kind of automatic clutch. In this case, a mechanical transmission is maintained, but the clutch electronically with the help of a simple key will automate the engagement of the first gear and the take-off management progressively.