A tie says a lot about a man

What kind of tie do you wear – cheerful with a family? The Simpsons’ male tie or safe in a dark blue strip? Or, maybe you alternate the one and the other? Fashion for ties is very changeable, so it’s better to have a certain set from which you could choose the one appropriate to your image, mood and situation.

The tie is designed to complement the costume, so if you do not wear a suit often, it does not make sense to buy a new tie more often than once every six months. A tie is another necessary element in the basic wardrobe of a man.

Ask any woman what element in the image of a man attracts her attention first. Of the 10 respondents, 9 will definitely answer-shoes! Classic black shoes are an investment you will never regret.
Learn an important pril – the belt should be the same Leather belt Men’s shoes are the same as shoes. Provide yourself with this win-win combination and you can rest assured – the fashion gods will smile happily at you. Do not believe me? Then open up any magazine and look at the pictures of business tycoons and celebrities.