The trend in the summer season – pastel shades, without which it is hard to imagine the hot summer

These are quite shades of marshmallow and parsley: tender blue, banana, pink in bleach, pistachio. As soft shades of this season are beige, Pantone is designated as “hazelnut” and light pink – “pale cornel”. Combining these shades is recommended both with contrasting black and warm white.
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Gates with automatic control can be equipped with an electric drive

With emergency hand lifting system. In the event of a power failure, the door can be opened with a manual door drive.

A wide range of color solutions – 16 colors – allows you to create different combinations of gates with the facade of the building. A special program of color adjustment will help to see the combination of roller shutters with different facades in a wide range of colors.

Group provides a wide range of profiles and accessories for roller shutters and garage doors Shutters – Rolled extruded profiles, end profiles, guide rails, protective boxes, side panels, octagonal shafts, movable slide console.
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teacher of drawing at home, individual lessons in drawing

And most importantly, that there is not some sort of template definition for everyone that a person is waiting for. At all, as a rule, individual preferences in this. Often those who want to take private lessons in painting answer me that they would like to learn how to draw, depict nature, someone paint watercolors with flowers, or a portrait.
But that is typical for all. Everybody expects pleasure from the lessons. Free creativity and flight. I can give it. But if you would like to achieve mastery in a realistic transfer of reality, you want to transfer the volume without difficulty. perspective, be able to create a mood in the picture, transfer the image. In general for a year to learn skill – you must understand, this is work. This is work. But this work is justified.
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How to organize a place to store toys, books and other things

Every child should have a place to store your desired car, books, toys, clothes. For same-sex children, it will be ideal to store your clothes in two separate cabinets. This is much more convenient than having a big cabinet in the room, eliminating dirt and quarreling about guiding her.

In the case of adults, such as the fact that inside was several cabinets and shelves, in the case of the state registration of children’s interior is better to look. For a child will be more comfortable if the furniture and other places will be less storage space and toys. Being in his room, the child must feel the freedom for creative impulses. Therefore, to mess up the room is not worth it.
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How to choose a warm jacket

No cold will make you stay at home if you have a warm and comfortable jacket. An old English proverb says, “There is not bad weather, just inappropriate clothes.” And since our climate is not tropical, choosing a warm jacket should be tackled with all responsibility.

When I buy a new warm jacket for me or my family, I think it will not serve any season and heat even in the worst frosts. To make sure your purchase is not disappointing, you need to understand the materials it is made of, the requirements to be presented in the winter clothing of the city’s inhabitants, and those moments that you need to pay attention to when buying.
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Editor’s tip: T-shirts with print

T-shirt – definitely the kind of things that is critical in the summer wardrobe is needed. Light, free and comfortable to the body as a model summer panacea daily strenuous choice of clothes in hot everyday life and the annoying “what to wear?”. Sleeve T-shirts will protect from the burning sun and burns burns, natural fabrics and loose will provide the necessary heat regulation and a variety of prints will enhance the character and style.
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Spare parts for cars: Home fan, Heating fan

Nowadays, within a car we find many first-sighted, small-looking technology devices, but which are indispensable to ensure passenger and driver comfort. The cockpit fan is one of these and can be found in several positions behind the dashboard. Thanks to it, fresh air can be distributed quickly to the center, sides and feet of the car. Its utility is undeniable especially during the operation of air conditioning or heating. In its absence, air conditioning in the passenger compartment would be difficult to reach.
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For this reason, the hydraulic filters must be cleaned or replaced in good time

Since the introduction of the hydraulic brake system, which uses a piston cylinder, thanks to which the light generated by the brake force is increased via the hydraulic fluid. The first cylinder driven by the pedal is called tambour. It transmits the force that is produced by the foot and is reinforced forward by the brake booster. As modern automobile requires two circuits brakes, the main cylinder takes care of both. Therefore one can speak of a master cylinder working in tandem. In the event of a failure of the first circuit, the second circuit is directly supplied.
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